This 2nd Buddhist Youth Forum aims to encourage young Buddhist scholars from around the world to explore methods of promoting Buddhism in the younger generation and to enhance the understanding of Buddhism in this group, enabling them to improve themselves and society. See you soon!

第二届佛教青年论坛的宗旨是鼓励来自世界各地的佛教青年学者发表他们对人间佛教的研究论文,促使佛法在青年一代中传承弘扬,提升青年对人间佛教的认识,以期达到让更多的青年以佛法来提升人格,参与建设美好和谐的国家及社会。 稍后再见。

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We welcomstarbrustobservere you to sign up as Observer!

You not only get to enhance the understanding and practicing Buddhism and also get to mingle and network with like-minded people like you!

Details of Observer Registration

PaperPresenterOrObserverstarbrustclose We encourage young Buddhist scholars to participate in the research on Humanistic Buddhism in relation to personal and social issue.  Topics to explore are:

  1. Humanistic Buddhism: Understanding and practicing the threefold training
  2. Humanistic Buddhism: Its effect on improving Society and solving contemporary social issues

See more topics under Participation Now! Presenter The registration is open. Please register as a paper presenters before 15th May 2015 or an observer before 15th August 2015.

Who will be attending

  • Tertiary or postgraduate students
  • Academicians majoring in Buddhist studies or related fields aged 40 and below
  • Working adults between 18 to 40 years old who are interested in Buddhism